1. Customise System to your Company

The HSEQ Management Manual is customised to your Company, ensuring your details, personnel and specifications are applied to create your individualised Manual. NECA will work with your business from the beginning to assist in correctly setting up the System, ensuring it reflects your structure and how you conduct your business.

2. Provided in your Manual

Additional copies of the booklets can be purchased at an additional cost.

3. Assistance with System Implementation

NECA works with you to implement the HSEQ Management System into your business operations, providing (where requested) training of your employees in its use.

4. Access to the System Online

The System Forms, Policies, SWMS, Emergency Response Plan, Site Safety Instructions, Project WHS Management Plan and Work Instructions are available online at www.hseq.asn.au via secure login.  Access to this valuable resource is available with an annual subscription and will ensure that your system is kept fully updated with relevant amendments.

5. Ongoing Advice, Support and Assistance

NECA will conduct an audit every 12 months (maximum) against the QHSE Code: 2013 and the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Standard to see how your business is implementing the HSEQ Management System which will include a gap analysis and recommendations on improvements required. An annual external audit  is required to ensure your company is appropriately managing its safety, environmental and quality processes and to ensure the ongoing NECA Compliance of the HSEQ Management System is maintained.