NECA has developed a Health Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System specifically designed to serve the electrical, communications, refrigeration and air conditioning industries.  This system is focused on assisting sole contractors and business to take responsibility for the health, safety, environment and quality requirements of their business by providing an integrated and user-friendly management system which can be tailored to your individual needs.

Key Benefits of the NECA Management System

The HSEQ Management System is customised to your business, ensuring your details, personnel and specifications are applied to create your individualised System. NECA will work with your business from the beginning to assist in correctly setting up the System, ensuring it reflects your structure and how you conduct your business.

The HSEQ Management System has been developed by NECA and audited by prominent JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification Company, TQCSI, to ensure that the system meets the needs of electrical, communications, refrigeration and air conditioning businesses and provides independent and recognised certification in safety, environment and quality.

  • Complies with QHSE Code: 2013 and
  • Fully meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4801: 2001 – OHS Management Systems.

NECA works with you to implement the HSEQ Management Manual into your business operations, providing (where requested) training of your employees in its use.

Documents and updates are available online anytime via a secure login. Browse the site on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

NECA will audit your company’s HSEQ Management Manual to ensure your business is continually improving and meeting the requirements of the QHSE Code: 2013, AS/NZS 4801: 2001 – 
OHS Management Systems and WHS legislation.

What NECA members are saying about the system…

  • HSEQ Management System Ticks All The Boxes

    “The HSEQ Management System helped us transform our existing OHSW system from a series of individual classifications to an integrated structured plan. WHS Legislation is a very comprehensive law and the HSEQ Management System, with the help of the HSEQ Manager, has given our business a larger scope in combatting the rules and regulations necessary to perform our job as Regulations require.  The foundational work made by HSEQ Management System has helped us provide a strong quality assurance system for our business. This benefit will provide our company more opportunities in pursuing contracts with these requirements. Our advantage assures our clients and customers a well-planned and structured WHS System, providing them with safety and proper planning when applying for new tenders and commencing new work opportunities. We chose HSEQ Management System as NECA explained the process in detail and we knew exactly what to expect and what we could achieve. NECA covered all the bases and was able to provide excellent tools and feedback to help us overcome some of the obstructions to achieve our goals.”

    Quentin Pietsch
    Director, Elec-Air Pty Ltd
  • HSEQ System Allows Us to Tailor the System to Our Business Needs

    “HSEQ Management system has allowed us to gain a better understanding of our company’s responsibility in meeting the requirements of WHS Legislation by generating appropriate registers, training records etc. The manual is informative but requires further research so this prompts you to further investigate each area more carefully. More questions are raised so you are also receiving training whilst working through the manual. In all, a deeper knowledge has been gained through this process as well as allowing us to tailor the system to the needs of our business and ensuring that we meet WHS legislative requirements at the same time. The HSEQ Management System is set out in such a way that reports and other associated WHS forms cover the requirements of councils and government departments. The documentation and registers contain proof that employees are suitably trained in WHS such as inductions, reporting and recording hazards, the safe use of plant & equipment. When applying for new tenders the required information is simply downloaded which saves time. We are very happy with the system and the support that we have received at all times through the HSEQ Manager.

    Chris Mattner
    Managing Director, CME Group
  • HSEQ Management System’s Credentials Helped Our Business Get More Work

    “The HSEQ management system brings all the parts of our WHS requirement together in one place and gives our staff easy access to all the relevant WHS information, policies and procedures. The HSEQ management system accreditation is accepted by our clients and that means the process of checking our WHS credentials for new work is much simpler for them and more likely to result in us getting the work.”

    Brian Janes
    Service Manager, Upserve